Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are Animal Paintings Considered Figurative or Landscape?

When there are animals in a painting, should you categorize it withing the figurative section of your website or post it in with your landscapes? 

Good question!

According to the experts, figurative art, beginning in antiquity, has a lineage that runs through many schools of modern and contemporary art. The term figurative art commonly refers to art that has the human figure or animal figures as its subject. 

Human and animal figures bring animation into a painting.  Where there are animals and people - there is movement. A sense of life. 

I first became familiar with this concept when I tried to enter a landscape painting into a competition. Even though the majority of the work was indeed a landscape, I had painted some little tiny cows into the background area!  

Much to my disappointment, my painting was considered to be figurative work and I could not enter it into the landscape competition. 

So, now you know.

When entering any competition, find out in advance which categories have been listed for artwork submission. Besides the media classifications such as watercolor, oil/acrylic, and mixed media, there could be divisions such as:
  • Figurative
  • Landscape
  • Animal/Wildlife
  • Still life
Find out in advance which categories apply to your painting, then go ahead and put some life into your work!   

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