Saturday, November 26, 2016

Want to Learn a New Technique? Copy a Master!

After considering the artwork that hangs on the walls my home, I decided to update my decor. I wanted my home to reflect that "an artist lives here" and I wanted to look at the "works of masters" everyday.

I decided to copy some masterworks. I didn't want to paint a copy that was exactly like the original, rather I wanted to paint in the manner of some of the great masters.

Hoping that you will be inspired to paint some masterworks yourself (trust me - it isn't as easy as you think), Below is a glimpse of what I did.

When you walk into my front door, you will be greeted by a 3' x 5' Henri Matisse called "The Woman in the Purple Robe." I changed the robe to blue so that it would match my decor. Don't tell Matisse...

His original:

Here's what I painted:

This is a work that I painted for the hallway outside my kitchen.  
I wanted something that was 3 dimensional. It was a boatload of 
fun to paint!

Above my dining room table is a piece I call "After Motherwell."
I had a blast painting it. I let the paint drip down the canvas, 
pilied on passages with a knife and I even threw paint
at it. It's 4' x 8."

Searching the internet, I could not find the exact painting of 
Motherwell's that I copied. There are hundreds of his images 
online, however this one is typical of his style:

Here is what I painted:

Van Gogh's "Harvest at La Crau:"

Here's my version:

Two of my artist friends created works that are 
fresh and modern:

My husband, Seth, is the director of the Clark Planetarium 
here in Salt Lake City. I thought it would be appropriate to
hang Van Gogh's "Starry Night" in our bedroom.

I extended the right side so that the rectangular shape 
would better fit the space. I took a little artistic license...

Van Gogh's "Starry Night:"

Susie's version:

Here's my copy of Marc Chagall's "Hostel Des Artistes"
that also hangs in my bedroom.

By now you know that I am fond of Van Gogh's artwork.
I can't remember the name of his piece but I have it in a book
at my studio.  I cropped the grassy field at the bottom of this 
artwork so that it would fit the space and then tweaked 
some of the colors to match my room.

We, as artists, can paint whatever we want for our homes!
We are natural born editors! In fact, everything that we paint
reflects our own personal view of the world.

Although we cannot sell or promote our copies of masterworks
by creating posters, cards, etc., (it is unethical and illegal) we can 
enjoy painting copies to hang in the privacy of our own home and 
continually be inspired by the work of some of the world's greatest 
master painters!

Monday, November 7, 2016

A Slice of Life

"A Slice of Life"
8" x 16" oil on panel

In my neighborhood last year, most folks left
their apples in the tree and there was plenty 
of subject matter "hanging around." 

This year most of my neighbors had already picked
their apples and the trees were empty of fruit.

It was a challenge to find apples that had twigs 
and leaves. I drove around for a couple of hours 
looking for apples! My search eventually paid 
off and I found what I was looking for!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Second Place Award - Yay!

Last week I entered the Sandy Arts Guild Annual Show 
with my painting of "Four Apples." I didn't expect to
win anything. I just wanted to exhibit.

Lo and behold - I received the second place award along 
with a cash prize! You never know!!

Here I am pictured below (under the arrow).

I challenge you to enter an art show or competition
just for the fun of it. Really, the question to ask yourself 
is "Why not enter?"