Saturday, June 24, 2017


8" x 8" oil on panel

My friend, Dean, keeps chickens in a coop at his office 
(in his beautiful French garden). He recently took two dozen 
of the eggs and blew the contents out so that I could 
store them in my studio without spoilage. Now, I can 
use the eggs in my still life work for many years to come. 

To thank him I painted 
this small painting of two eggs.

Fun fact: When I set up this still life I actually went 
through six eggs. When some eggs were cracked their 
yolks broke and I stopped to wipe up the mess. 

Once, when I cracked an egg I had my camera 
on the tripod. As I walked back to look through the lens 
I saw the egg slide off the table onto the floor. 
I tried again but then I noticed that the table wasn't level.

I placed a shim under one table leg and tried again. 
I focused the image in my lens and went to click 
the shutter when I noticed the the egg was 
no longer in the frame! Ha-ha! 

And so it went...

Simple painting - YES!  Simple set up? Nope.