Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Make Your Own Pochade Box!

First of all, what is a pochade box?

It's a small portable easel/paint box that holds tubes of oil paint, brushes, canvas, mineral spirits and other tools that an artist might need while painting in the field. Because it is smaller than a large studio easel, artists use it while plein air painting and often mount it on a tripod. You can buy a pochade box or make your own. 

I converted my Grandmother Lettie's lap desk into a pochade box.
Whenever I take it with me to paint, I think of her!

There were a few things I needed to do to turn this lap desk into a pochade box. 
Using two tiny screws, I mounted a small piece of wood (1" x 2" x 8") 
just inside the lid to hold my panels.

Inside, I keep another piece of wood that goes behind the lid 
when it's open - to support the hinges.

Here's what I pack inside my pochade box.

You'll probably need to cut a few inches off your paint brushes so that they will fit into 
your box (or buy short ones). Find a small box that you can set your brushes in 
(if you like to stand your brushes up) and of course, you'll need some kind 
of latch to keep the lid securely fastened.

Your pochade box is perfect to take into libraries, restaurants and other 
indoor settings. Use Gamsol (odorless mineral spirits) so that there isn't 
an unpleasant odor. You can rest your pochade on a table 
or hold it easily on your lap. 

For restaurants where the light is dim, you might want to purchase a 
small clip-on LED light so that you can see the colors on your palette.

Keep your eyes open while exploring antique shops, import stores and "arty" places! 
Look for a special box that might inspire you to want to paint! Customize it 
and make it yours! Enjoy your adventure!

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