Monday, February 8, 2016

Art Night Live!

This year I was honored to be invited to be a judge in a 
multi-high school art competition. There were three of us 
participating, Nathan Pinnock, Al Rounds and me. 

Amateur artists from 8 high schools within the Granite school 
district participated in a 6-hour competition. The students had to 
begin and complete an artwork within a six hour time frame.

The best part about the evening was supporting each individual 
artist with personal tips and pointers on how to best utilize their 
time and improve their art techniques.

The work of aspiring young artists rarely gets seen. 

There is no high profile football game or a visible orchestra 
performance or even a shining trophy on display in the glass 
case of a lobby. 

The only way to share student work is to hold an event or 
exhibit where their create process and efforts can be visible.

Part of being a professional artist should include volunteering
to give back to the community. Creating and holding an event 
such as "Art Night Live" can raise awareness of the work of 
young artists and provide positive reinforcement and motivation
for them.

Besides that, it can be a lot of fun!