Saturday, August 12, 2017


24" x 18" oil on panel

I thought that Ivy looked cute in the outfit that 
she chose by herself (as only a three-year-old can). 
She was wearing this on the day of her 
birthday party. 

Simplifying the background and placing Ivy on 
an outdoor hopscotch seemed natural. It clearly 
made her the focal point of the painting.

Here's the image of Ivy that I used for a reference:

By editing our work we can create whatever we 
want in our paintings. Our references are merely ides 
that help us to catch the vision of what we 
want the viewer to see and feel.

We get to paint what we want!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Water Park

"Water Park"
36" x 48" oil on panel

I love painting images of water during the summer 
months.It was fun to sling the paint around and create 
the look of splashing water!

Here are some of the images I considered before 
deciding on my final composition.

When considering these images I decided to eliminate the 
background information. Instead of going with the tube on a 
white waterslide I put my subjects in a swimming pool. 

The moving water and the splashes were more colorful 
and better portrayed the movement in the scene. I increased 
the contrast between the kids and the background 
by making the sky (actually a waterfall) lighter. 

This is the image I decided to paint: