Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Illustrated Journal - What's Your Story?

An Illustrated Journal is similar to a diary but it usually has more pictures. Your journal can be a record of your adventures or travels.  You can use various media in an illustrated journal such as collage, sketching, painting, pasting, photos, and much more. It can be a statement about your life experience; what you think or how you feel. It can be public or private.  

It's about self-expression. 

Here's the title page in my new "sepia" journal:

Do you have to be an artist to create an illustrated journal?

No, anyone can make one! Usually the process of creating a visual record unleashes the artist in you. Consider yourself warned!

Last week I ate lunch at Paradise Bakery and thought I'd draw the chairs around me.  It was more complicated than I thought and the biggest chair turned out to be too short and wide...oh well, who is going to know?

Why should you journal?
It's a record where you can visually document your world. Journaling is a way to unwind, a meditation of sorts. It provides a wonderful outlet for your emotions and feelings.  Besides, your posterity will have a chronicle that is not only interesting to read but it will be beautifully illustrated.

What if you mess up?
There is no right way to do it.  No one will judge you, you're not going to receive a grade and there's no contest.  You simply will have an archive of your life as it truly is, mistakes and all.

So, what types of things do you draw into your journal?

Anything you want! 

The other day I gathered various objects from around my studio, placed them under a light source and drew the shadows that they cast. 

Here's a sketch of the skeleton in my studio.  
Her name is Anna...Anna Recksick (ha-ha).

This coat rack is on the wall of my studio where my students and I 
hang our paint smocks and aprons. 

When I make an entry in my journal, it doesn't have to be perfect. I can do a hasty sketch or a more thoughtful and elaborate drawing. You can even glue photographs onto the pages. That's the beauty of an illustrated journal - you can create whatever you want!


If you want to see more of my journal images, click on the "Artwork" tab of my website and then click "illustrated Journal" .

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a journal and get started!