Sunday, June 14, 2015

Plein Air Painting at Olympus Park

Tom Howard teaching us on Saturday morning.

Want to try plein air painting? 

Sign up for a workshop or take a class from your local community college.

My landscape class from Salt Lake Community College painted at Olympus 
Park on Wednesday. I went back and painted two paintings on Friday then 
culminated the week with a plein air painting workshop.

Here I am taking my turn at the easel. 
It's harder than it looks, but once you get the 
hang of it, plein air painting is a lot of fun!

"View From Olympus Park," 9" x 12" oil on panel

Our Instructor, Tom Howard

"To The Top,"  9" x 12" oil on panel

To The Top

"To The Top"
9" x 12" oil on panel

View From Olympus Park

"View From Olympus Park"
9" x 12" oil on panel

Friday, June 5, 2015

"Sugar House Pond"
12" x 12" oil on panel

Painting at Sugar House Park


I am taking a "Landscape Painting" class at Salt Lake Community College. 
It's plein air painting unless it rains and then it turns to studio painting. 
Wednesday, we painted at Sugar House Park. It started out sunny and then 
became overcast and dark.

Our instructor, Rob Adamson, is pictured on the left.

Yep. That's me.

  "Sugar House Pond," oil on panel.