Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kindred Spirits Art Workshop

Where do I go on Wednesday afternoons?
To Art Access/VSA where I'm teaching a six-week art workshop about planetary nebulae
This class is being taught through the "Kindred Spirits" program. It's a lot of fun!

I thought you might enjoy a tour of our classroom experience.

Here we are working on making a nebula collage. We tear tissue paper into small pieces and then glue it onto brightly colored card stock.

We dry our projects with a hairdryer then flip them over to work on the other side. 
When both sides are finished, we sprinkle our nebula with stars.


Our hands get a little sticky, but it is worth the effort.



  Here's our group effort:

And now for the star show.  Each of our nebulae are unique.
Just like the nebulae in deep space, no two are alike.




As we created our artwork, we were mindful to remember a few things about nebulae. 

  • Some nebula contain star nurseries. 
  • Some nebula clouds are the remnants of dead stars. 
  • Some nebula (like a super nova) explode in a violent fashion sending elements out into the universe.  These clouds of dust, depending on their composition (like hydrogen, helium, nitrogen and gold) have their own color. 
Although learning the science about nebulae was fascinating and helped us to understand a little more about our universe, creating our own nebulae with bright colors and shining glitter was the most fun! 

Wouldn't it be great to see our own nebulae creations floating up there among the stars?

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