Monday, March 18, 2013

Grab Your Camera!

Want to take great pictures? Learn how to use your camera!

The new point-and-shoot digital cameras make it easy to get a good shot, however
a few tips and pointers can make a difference in the quality of your photography.  

Notice the shape of your subject and determine
whether a vertical or horizontal shot would be best. 

Compose your shot. Centering your subject can be boring. Try shooting off center. 


Zoom in for interest.  Remember: "the eyes reveal the soul!"

Take some action shots.

Keep the background simple so that it does not detract from your subject.
Below, the background is a little too busy.
This is simpler.

Shoot some images from various angles and positions - not just at eye level.


For a more contemporary look try zooming in and cropping the image.

If you are going to create a painting from a photo image,
make sure it is a good one! Chances of getting a great
painting from a bad reference photo are slim.
Good photo = good painting.

Now, go grab your camera and have some fun!

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