Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spring City, Utah - A Real Sweet Spot!

 Labor Day weekend I traveled to Spring City (central Utah) to participate in a "Quick Paint." Every year Spring City sponsors an arts festival from Wednesday through Saturday with various painting competitions for artists. Each day each artists selects a spot and completes paintings that are hung in a local gallery (on Main Street). At the end of each day the work is judged and awards are given. The work stays in the gallery and by the end of the week, the gallery is full and the paintings go on sale. 

 I chose to paint in the Saturday morning event: "Quick Paint."

 After checking in, I drove around Spring City to scope out a place that seemed appealing. The rural town is verdant with lots of meadows and tall trees. The morning echoed with the bellowing of cows and the occasional crow of a rooster. After driving for several minutes, I finally spotted a pretty yellow house with a lovely garden - and set up my easel.

 When my painting was finished, I drove 2 minutes away to the park behind the church where I signed in for the silent auction. I priced my painting, registered it then hung it on the designated pegboard.

 People began to gather, artists chatted and laughed and the patrons viewed the work.

 My painting never did receive a bid, but that often happens in the art world. Eventually, someone could connect with my painting and it could be love at first sight!

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