Monday, January 20, 2014

Is There A Secret To Painting With A Palette Knife?

There is something exciting about a room full of women with knives! If you give them enough paint and let them go, you'll have a recipe for beautiful work!

Yesterday, we held a four-hour Palette Knife Painting workshop in the new studio. Between the sounds of scraping and the laughter, we had a blast!
We learned a few things as we experimented; like how much paint to use, how to angle the knife for scraping and how to add paint with smooth strokes.

Are there really secrets about painting with a knife? Sort of. You can read about various techniques on the internet, but watching someone demonstrate knife painting in real life is the easiest way to learn. Once you understand the principles of knife painting - there are no secrets.
The students demonstrated their new knife technique by completing cloud studies. It was tricky getting the right amount of paint onto the canvas. If they didn't apply enough paint, their canvas looked starved and if they used too much, they were knee-deep in muck. Eventually, each student learned how much paint to use.
The sack lunches from Paradise Bakery were delicious, but at the next workshop, we decided that we will eat our lunch earlier! All that heavy-duty concentration made us hungry!

I used my Mahl stick for a pointer during the critique.

Here's the entire palette knife crew!

Let's do it again!

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