Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Want A One-Day Challenge? Try a Mural.

Take a break from your regular art and try painting a mural. Complete it in one day. It will challenge your skills, force you to think outside the box and bring excitement to your walls!

Last weekend I painted a mural for a friend of mine. Even though she was only four, she knew exactly what she wanted: "I want you to paint a castle in my room with a window sill, some flowers and Pascal (from the Disney movie Tangled)."

I began with a sketch.

Then we decided on colors.  Her room was pink and white with a crystal chandelier. Perfect!

Her cat, Molly, kept us company.

The mother of the house made three flower boxes that matched the flowers in the mural. There was a loft above the mural - a playhouse. The flower boxes hung down from the loft and a slender ladder led the way into - you guessed it - Rapunzel's Tower!

I let my small helper paint a tiny section of the mural. I painted a ladybug on the spot so that she wouldn't forget where it was.

A little girl's dream!

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