Friday, June 6, 2014

Celebrating the Jordan River!

The "Get Into The River" event was a lot of fun. It was a beautiful, sunny day 
and a small group of artists were adding to the festivities by plein air painting 
next to the Jordan River in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Fisher Mansion (where I was painting), was the home of Albert Fisher, a German immigrant who owned and operated one of the largest breweries in the U.S. The stately mansion has been the headquarters for several organizations including a convent for Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters and a drug rehab center for men (in the 1970's), It's now being preserved and restored.

Patty Kimball (a fellow painter) Nancy Monteith (Salt Lake City Parks Planner) and Blake Luther (another painter) enjoyed the morning at the Fisher Mansion.

 Each time I paint, I learn something new.  Today's thought was: never paint something that is blowing in the breeze! rose moved continuously.

 My set-up stayed mostly in the shade for the most part.
I used a limited palette (red, yellow & blue) until I started blocking in the leaves.  Then I caved in and used a little viridian (yes, you can call me chicken).

On the whole, everyone had a good time!


  1. Do you know what the Fisher Manson is being used for now?

  2. I believe a group from the Jordan River Parkway (I can't remember the specific name) is using the building for committee meetings and events.