Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Downtown - Where The Action Is!

Saturday, July 19, Judi Alder and I held an illustrated Journal Workshop in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The weather couldn't have been any better and the students were excited to begin their work!

Planting ourselves on the corner of Main Street and Market, we began our sketches. We learned about perspective, angles, light and shadow and a host of other art principles, but mainly we just had fun!

The rhythmic clanging of the TRAX train and the hum of car engines 
reminded us of our urban environment. The scent of garlic bread 
wafted from Maxwell's (the restaurant across the street).

Halfway through the workshop, we broke for lunch at Maxwell's East Coast Eatery.  As we entered the building, we noticed water dripping from several stories above us. There were three window washers suspended from ropes cleaning the windows of the Boston Building.

Staying focused outside in weather that was 100 degrees Fahrenheit made us thirsty and hungry. We LOVED taking a break in the air conditioned restaurant!

More work after lunch...

We enjoyed our day in downtown Salt Lake City.

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