Monday, August 4, 2014

Dress Rehersal For The Silver Lake Workshop

Here's my illustrated Journal entry at Silver Lake, August 3, 2014.

Before teaching a workshop, I go the the exact location about a
week in advance. I look for scenic spots that would be good places 

for my students to paint. I make a note of where the sun is each hour
and try to select spots that will keep my class painting in the shade.

As always, there are happenings and sometimes dramatic events
that occur (great fodder for journal writing). These experiences
lend an air of unpredictability to my outings.

My fellow artist friend, Judi and her husband, Bill, accompanied
me to Silver Lake. The weather was perfect and we met some
wonderful folks along the way!

This is Officer Mike. He does canyon patrol.
I didn't realize that there is a police presence 
in all the canyons surrounding Salt Lake City.
It's nice to know that the unified police service
extends to our nature areas too! I should have 
checked this image to make sure his eyes were 
open...sorry, Mike.

Cecilia (on the right) and her daughter Julia stopped 
to view our work and strike up a conversation. They
both were very pleasant women!

     Here is Judi's rendition of the north side of the lake.

 Judi taking a mug shot of Bill with her iPhone.

Well, I have the place scoped out for next weekend's workshop, 
unfortunately it looks like we might have rain!  We'll see. 

I'm excited anyway!

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