Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Which Is More Important: VALUE or COLOR?

Saturday's workshop was simultaneously challenging and fun! 
Each student selected a still life object then painted a value study of it. 

Getting the values correctly took a lot of squinting! Our eyelashes 
acted like filters and eliminated distracting detail.  Squinting allowed 
us to view large areas of similar value and mass those areas into 
simple shapes. 

Along with perceiving the value correctly, painting a black and white 
study first allowed the artists time to strengthen their compositions and 
adjust shapes without introducing the added complexity of color.

Learning how to match the colors found in each still life 
subject required focus. In order to replicate that color onto 
their canvas the students had to ask questions like "Do 
I need to make my color lighter or darker?" 

After the value of the color had been adjusted the color 
temperature was addressed by asking, "Does this color 
need to be warmer or cooler?" 

By adding red, yellow or blue into the mix the students 
altered the color temperature making it warmer or cooler.

Each student took their time and produced beautiful work!

After working hard, laughing a lot and enjoying each other's 
company we discovered that value is more important than color.


  1. This class was very helpful in my understanding of color and value and it was truly fun. What a great way to spend a weekend with a amazing teacher and great classmates! Debra

  2. Thanks, Debra. It's always a pleasure to work with you!