Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Unfinished" Art Exhibit

24" x 20"
oil on panel

There is an innovative art show coming up at the 
Bountiful Davis Art Center (BDAC). 

Each artist who enters the show must turn in 2 "unfinished" 
paintings. Another artist "finishes" the work. BDAC will exhibit 
the finished works. 

This abstract painting is what I received from another 
artist. My job was to "finish" it in any manner that I wanted.

This painting with the woman (I call it "Enigma") is what I decided
to paint over the top of the abstract painting. Now it's finished!
It was a lot of fun being able to consider painting anything that 
wanted. The show will run August 12 - Sept. 12, 2016 at BDAC.