Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's Okay To Promote Youself!

Trying to become visible as an artist requires effort. I am constantly reviewing ways to promote myself. This is a good thing. 

Truth be told, it takes a lot of hard work to become known in the art community and taking time to make your dreams come true is a great investment in YOU! If you "wait to be discovered" you may spend a long time waiting!

      Here are some tips to help you get noticed:
  •  Wear a smile, greet people and speak intelligently about your work.
  • Create matching business cards, letterhead and envelopes.
  • Keep business cards in your pocket and hand them out to people. 

  • Obtain a domain name and build a website. Keep your website up to date and refresh it often with new pictures.
  • Enter every local (or national) show possible. You have to enter before you can win an award! Pin your ribbons up in your studio.  Most people love to purchase artwork from an "award winning artist."
  • Join local and national art organizations. Yes, you have to pay dues, but joining with other artists will expose you to painting styles, the latest art products,  advice, techniques and motivating competition. Besides the wonderful exposure, it's a good way to find a painting buddy.
Blog. Make sure you don't start out blogging and then fall off into oblivion somewhere. Keep at it. Subscribe to other artist blogs. Follow other artist pages.

Create a Facebook page.
It's so much fun to follow the work of other artists and to read about their struggles and successes. Don't post crap. Make sure you are professional in all your posts. Your clients don't want to see a picture of you drunk in a gutter somewhere.

Promote yourself by placing an ad in a national magazine. Don't wait for a gallery owner to stumble across your work by chance. Be proactive!

Of course, through it all, you have to keep painting. That's really the bottom line. What good is becoming visible if you have no paintings to exhibit? My husband created an acronym for me that I use all the time; "PYGO," paint your guts out. So, PYGO. Go make it happen!

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