Monday, December 15, 2014

American Art Collector Magazine, "Beyond The Ordinary"

I'm am thrilled to be included in the January 2015 Issue of American Art Collector Magazine. This issue has a section on still life entitled, "Beyond The Ordinary" (page 86, 87 and 88).


"Autumn In A Silver Bowl," 11 x 18,
oil on panel (above image)

"Copper Urn and Pomegranate," 11 x 14,
oil on panel (top left image)

"Makes Me Cry," 12" x 12" oil on panel
(Bottom right image - Purple Onions)
At times, every artists wonders about the quality of their work. Placing your work in various contexts such as an exhibit or a publication, will provide an excellent opportunity for you to see how well it holds up - compared to the work of other artists.

My ad in the American Art Collector magazine, January 2015 Issue, page 26.

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