Thursday, May 7, 2015

Painting at Liberty Park

Today was day #2 of my 3-day plein air workshop with 
Randall Sexton (sponsored by the Illume Gallery of Fine Art). 
Sixteen of us headed over to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, 
hoping to not get rained out. Kathryn Stats (one of the students) 
had her husband drive their 1952 Chevy over to the park. 
We gathered around it and began to paint. 

Simply put, it was a lot of fun! 

Randall demonstrated his magic for us and blocked in the Chevy.

Here's his rendering of Kathryn's car:

I worked on my version of the Chevy for about an hour and a half, 
then realized that the proportions were wrong. I scraped it off 
and had another go at it.

Even though a car is just a mass of shape, value and color, 
I found it challenging to paint! I think I was distracted by all the 
details in the reflections. I didn't squint enough. My moment of 
"aha" arrived when Randall came over and erased a bunch of 
details in my piece to reduce the large shapes into simple 
masses of color. This time I think I understood the concept!!

I'll work a little more on my car painting and see if I can lay 
in a few strokes to get the background going.  I'll post it here 
when I'm finished.


  1. Very cool Susan! So cool in fact that I just had to tweet it. So, what do you think is harder to paint, cars or people?

  2. Holy cow! Anyone knows that painting cars is W-a-a-a-ay more difficult than painting people. Ha-ha! That's something you've got over me.