Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Randall Sexton's Plein Air Workshop

Today was the first day of Randall Sexton's plein air workshop sponsored 
by the Illume Gallery of Fine Art here in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

It was fun to be a student again! 

Because it rained, we stayed inside. Randall gave us a 
demonstration using an image from his ipad as his subject.
It was the Union Train Station here in Salt Lake City. 

Here's his palette...

And his image...

His Initial block-in (there wasn't time for him to finish).

So, instead of blathering on about all the cool things I learned today, 
I'll just post a few notes and images for you.

My set-up:

Randall suggested that we premix the general colors of the big 
shapes in our composition. Here's my palette.

He demonstrated how to block in in a tonal way by working 
the shapes in his composition from the inside out.  A linear 
approach would be to draw all the shapes with lines and then 
color them in (which is a habit I'm trying to break).

He suggested that we remember we aren't painting "things," 
rather we are painting the differences between things. This 
means that along with drawing the form of an object, you should 
also consider the negative space surrounding it and use negative 
space to help carve out the shape of your object. I finally 
"got this" about halfway into my painting.

Mr. Sexton's friendly personality contributed to the atmosphere 
in the classroom. He is a wonderful instructor! Here's my 
finished piece and now, I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings!


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