Monday, July 11, 2016

Journaling on Main Street - A Hit!

Saturday, July 9th, a group of us painted in downtown 
Salt Lake City a la plein air (French for "painting outdoors"). 

We met at the TRAX station and rode into Exchange Place; 
a historical site in the business district.

I introduced the group to two books about illustrated journaling: 

We talked about how to make the title page of each 
sketchbook unique and special.

Each student filled a page in their sketchbook with ink line 
drawings of things they saw around them. We then washed 
over the line drawings with loose washes.


Richard and Judy


There was even a creepy life-size statue of 
an old woman just a few feet away from us.


The sketches were fresh and fun!

Next, we focused on negative and positive space. When we painted our subject, we were painting positive space.  

When we painted the space around our subject we were painting the negative space. Painting both negative and positive space in your artwork can add variety to your illustrations and make your journal more interesting. 

These are examples that demonstrate painting negative space.





During our lunch at Maxwell's we found out that Judy (at the age of 16) 
went on a date with Elvis Presley! They went to a Bobby Darin concert 
and to the Congo Room at the Sahara afterward. This is the kind of 
thing that is great fodder for a journal entry!!!

After an enjoyable lunch at Maxwell's East Coast Eatery 
we walked one block over to visit a "Grafitti Wall,"
an excellent example of urban artwork.

It was a perfect day for sketching; good weather, adventurous 
artists and plenty of time for us to paint!

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