Friday, July 1, 2016

My Homeless Painting Found a Family!

I am thrilled to say that my piece "Breaking The Surface" 
found a new home!  It makes me happy when art collectors
send me an image of the place where they hanged my work.
It's a satisfying ending to a long story.

Painting is truly a multi-step process. First an artwork is planned, 
sketched and blocked in. Then the many layers of painting begin; 
a series of adjustments and refinements. 

Next, a completed work is varnished. It's like pouring water over 
chalky river rocks restoring them to their warm vibrant tones. 

Selecting a frame for an artwork is as pleasant as choosing a tie 
to go with a suit or trying on shoes. It's important to get this step 
just right.  

My favorite part of the cycle of painting is when a buyer is moved 
enough to purchase my work! That means someone, perhaps a 
total stranger, connected with the idea behind my piece and my 
passion became their passion. 

I love it when this happens!

It gives completion to my painting. A finish. An end. 
And then the cycle begins again...

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